The Big Question: Who wins head-to-head, Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson?

It’s been debated a billion times, so what’s a billion and one?

Last week’s Big Question looked back in time a bit, to boxing’s legendary “Four Kings” of the 1980s: Duran, Hagler, Hearns, and Leonard. We asked simply for your pick for the greatest of them all.

Sugar Ray Leonard took the poll with 36% of the vote, with Marvelous Marvin Hagler at 30%, Roberto Duran at 28%, and Thomas Hearns at 5%. (I know that adds up to 99%, but the decimal points after the wholes will get you there, and anyway that’s the rundown, basically.)

We got a bigger vote turnout than normal and with nothing HUUUUGE happening right now, let’s stick with the historical vibe for at least another week and another question that has been debated to death, sure, but hey, what the hell?

Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson. Prime vs prime, head-to-head, both at their very peak, their absolute best, time traveled together. And keep in mind this is not a question of who the better all-time fighter is.

Who wins?

I’m not going to bore you running down their achievements. We all know Ali and Tyson. Here’s the poll, vote in it.

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