The crazy story of how Mike Tyson crashed his $350,000 Lamborghini before Evander Holyfield rematch and gave it away to a security guard

Mike Tyson ends his 15-year absence from the ring this weekend when he faces former pound-for-pound great Roy Jones Jr.

Although billed as an ‘exhibition’, both men look in incredible shape and are raring to fight once more.

Seeing the youngest heavyweight champion returning to the ring at the age 54 may not be the craziest thing fans have seen in 2020, but it is certainly another intriguing chapter to the Tyson story.

The 54-year-old has been training for a comeback against Roy Jones Jr and is lean like he was in his prime
One man who has followed ‘Iron Mike’ and his escapades over the years is broadcaster Jim Gray, who has written a book called ‘Talking to Goats’.

The reporter dedicated his entire first chapter to the roller coaster story of Tyson, starting with his humble beginnings in Brownsville and including the controversial fights with Evander Holyfield.

After succumbing to ‘The Real Deal’ in their first fight in 1996, Tyson was keen to avenge his defeat and reclaim the world heavyweight titles.

Before the madness which unfolded in Las Vegas, Gray remembers an incredible story of how ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ simply gave away a supercar to an unsuspecting security guard.

Jim Gray followed he career of Tyson through the highs and the lows
Mike Tyson throws water at Don King

Gray wrote: “I saw it all, including the night (before Tyson-Holyfield II) when (promoter) Don King handed Tyson that $30 million check. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow night,’ King said. ‘Now, just don’t get into any trouble tonight, my brother. Just keep it calm.’

“‘No problem,’ (Tyson) responded, as the three of us went out back by MGM’s Grand Garden Arena, where the boxer had parked his brand-new Lamborghini in the loading dock. Back in those days, there were stanchions to protect the vehicles that had to be removed and replaced before and after the cars were parked. Well, Tyson never saw the stanchion … he backed right into it, probably did $1,000 worth of damage, maybe less, to a $350,000 car.

“He leapt from the car, and with a fastball like Sandy Koufax, he threw the keys as hard as he could to the security guard, who weighed like 400 pounds. ‘Take this f****** car, get this f****** car away from me!’

“‘OK, Mr. Tyson,’ the man said. ‘I’ll put it in the valet.’

Mike Tyson infamously bit Evander Holyfield after complaining about persistent headbutts
“Tyson stared back menacingly. ‘What didn’t you f*****’ understand?’ he yelled back. ‘I said get it away from me. Take this car. It’s bad luck.’

“King interjected, ‘Ay brother, my man is giving you this car. Take it, have a good time, good luck to you.’”

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