Mike Tyson: How much did he earn from Roy Jones Jr fight?

Mike Tyson's heavily anticipated exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr ended in a draw.

Iron Mike looked in impressive shape and while his destructive power of yesteryear has inevitably dimmed, he still delivered some artful shots to suggest this unusual bout was worth staging.

Critics of the event had suggested money was the sole motivator for the two men, who have a combined age of 105, but Tyson had insisted that was not the case.

“It’s going to be for various charities,” he told TMZ Sports, per the Mirror.

“Nobody has to ever worry about me getting rich, or getting jealous, or saying I’m doing [the comeback] for money.

“I’m not getting anything. I just feel good doing this because I can.”

Judging by the broad grins after stepping the rings after eight rounds – which three judges scored 79-73 to Tyson, 80-76 to Jones and 76-76 – it has to be accepted that these two legends of the sport weren’t simply battling for the bulging purses on the line.

Tyson was in line to earn £7.5 million for his eight rounds of work and Jones £2.25m, according to The Sun.

That handsome figure was thanks to their pay for the fight itself, as well as the PPV packet.

Even 15 years after his last professional fight, the 54-year-old is still capable of commanding huge public interest on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the US, fans forked out $49.99 to watch the former world champion’s return. British fans who tuned in on BT Sport Box Office paid £19.95.

A combination of mismanagement from his team and waste due to his personal life meant Tyson threw away much of the $400m fortune amassed throughout his heavyweight career and in 2003, he filed for bankruptcy.

Since then, he has worked to restore his wealth and his net worth is now rumoured to be around $3m.

“I’m happy I don’t have money anymore, I don’t have any money,” he added.

“Cause no one can take anything from me anymore. There are no vultures. Nobody out there trying to take anything from me. So I’m just happy.”

So while he received an eye-watering sum for this exhibition match, it’s commendable that he’s decided to give the proceeds away.

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