Mike Tyson admits he would not have lasted against Muhammad Ali in dream fight

So let’s say we bulked Muhammad Ali up and put size and strength to him, I truly believe Mike Tyson would’ve won

A bout between Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali would be any boxing fan’s dream super fight.

Tyson talked about the fantasy fight between himself and Ali in an interview Thursday with Yahoo Sports. Tyson admitted he may not have been able to beat Ali.

“I know it’s a fantasy game,” Tyson said. “Most likely I would win the fantasy, but I wouldn’t win the real fight. Ali’s the greatest there’s ever been.”

Tyson was the youngest heavyweight champion of all-time at 20 years old. But throughout his life, Tyson had admired Ali and always showed respect toward one of the greatest fighters in the sport.

“He’ll fight you to the end. He’s really game, like a pitbull or a f–king rooster,” Tyson said of Ali in a 2016 interview with GQ Magazine. “But he looked like a model in his prime! He looked more like a model than a fighter. He was just a dead-game guy. He was dead game. He had too much pride. He refused to lose.”

Anthony Joshua, one of the current heavyweight champions, had previously told JD Sports he believed Ali would struggle against the heavyweights of today.

“With Lennox Lewis, you know how they started getting bigger, hence why in the amateurs they then created a super-heavyweight division,” Joshua said. “The current heavyweight division in the amateurs is what we class as the cruiserweight division. So Muhammad Ali wouldn’t have been a fully-fledged heavyweight.

“So let’s say we bulked Muhammad Ali up and put size and strength to him, I truly believe Mike Tyson would’ve won. The reason being when you watch the fight with Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, you see a certain Tyson-esque to Frazier’s style. Tyson used to study that Joe Frazier. The moving, the hooks. He managed to put Ali down in the fight, it was a very tough fight for Ali. And I just believe Mike Tyson was better schooled, times have evolved, Mike Tyson was more developed. More science, more information.”


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