“Pain was always easy for me” – The Undertaker shares his brutal recovery from surgery

"Pain is always easy for me. I’ve got a high threshold of pain. The mental aspect of it though, it was always just brutal...

The Undertaker has gone into detail on the recovery process he had to endure after undergoing surgery for injuries sustained during his WWE career.

In a recent appearance on the Victory Over Injury Podcast, the WWE legend explained pain was “always easy” for him to withstand, as he considers himself to have a very high pain threshold.

However, he admitted the mental aspect of recovering from such surgeries was often “brutal” and was something that did not get easier with age.

Here’s what The Undertaker had to say on his recovery process after surgery:

“Pain is always easy for me. I’ve got a high threshold of pain. The mental aspect of it though, it was always just brutal… In the beginning, it was hard, but then I kind of got to the point where I thought I had an ‘S’ on my chest. It didn’t matter, “I’ll bounce back quick.” In the second half of my career, where I would get these injuries, it was really, really tough. Because, like I said, you just never know how you’re going to bounce back. The older you get, you don’t heal the same way. You don’t heal as fast and you have to put in, I would tell people that in my last few years, I had to put in twice the work for half the results. And that’s without injury, that’s just my training in general. That just comes with age.”

In his last documentary special on the WWE Network, The Undertaker – real name Mark Calaway – revealed he had undergone at least seventeen surgeries to fix numerous injuries he’d sustained over the years.

The Undertaker bid the WWE Universe farewell in November 2020 (Credit: WWE)

The Undertaker finally hung up his hat for good at Survivor Series 2020, bidding farewell to the WWE Universe in an emotional yet small ceremony.

WWE had to avoid any sense of grandiosity due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning one of the all-time greats was forced to say goodbye to a virtual audience as opposed to stands filled with adoring WWE fans.

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