Mike Tyson ringside ‘time traveller’ conspiracy after ‘smart phone’ spotted in 1995 clip

A mysterious ‘time traveller’ seen ringside at a Mike Tyson fight back in 1995 was nothing more than a fan with a camcorder, it seems, after a strange conspiracy theory was debunked

A bizarre conspiracy theory claiming a ‘time traveller’ went back in time to watch a Mike Tyson fight has been debunked.

The theory emerged back in 2015 suggesting a millennial had somehow travelled back in time to watch the heavyweight champion.

A video posted to YouTube in 2015 focused on a fan attending the 1995 fight between Tyson and Peter McNeely.

In the background of the fight, a fan can be seen holding a shiny white device awfully reminiscent of a modern-day smartphone.

The reason for the conspiracy theory was that the device seemed to have a camera lens on the top left, whereas cameras of the period would have had the lens in the middle.

A fan was seen watching a Mike Tyson fight allegedly holding a smartphone

A report from HITC has looked into what the device could be, and appears to have solved the mystery.

Instead of being a smartphone, the device could have been either a Casio QV-10A or a Logitech Fotoman.

Mike Tyson stopped Peter McNeely in the first round

Both cameras had a lens in the corner of the device, and were both released in 1995.

Fans had expressed doubt over the time travel theory due to the nature of the fight.

Tyson won in the first two minutes after putting McNeely to the ground twice.

The fight was Tyson’s first after spending three years in jail for rape.

He would then go on to fight Buster Mathis Jr before regaining the heavyweight world title by beating Frank Bruno four months later.

After retiring in 2005, Tyson returned to the ring in 2015 for an exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr.

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