Mike Tyson: ‘Floyd Mayweather is better than any currently active boxer’

The pair have been feuding for over 20 years now, but Mike has put that aside to praise Mayweather.

Iron Mike, 54 years old, has seemingly ended his long-standing beef with Floyd Mayweather, describing the undefeated icon as better than every current fighter.

The pair have been feuding for over 20 years now, but Mike has put that aside to praise Mayweather.

Speaking on his own Hotboxin’ podcast with actor Mario Lopez and former UFC champion Henry Cejudo, Tyson was discussing the impact YouTube stars Jake and Logan Paul were having on boxing.

When questioned by Cejudo about whether the attention the YouTubers were getting would force boxing champions to fight each other, Mike backed the now-retired Mayweather as the best and justified his decision to fight Logan.

“Listen, Floyd’s a better fighter than all of those guys right now,” said Iron Mike.

“Floyd right now, even though he’s 40-something, he’s still better than all the fighters now and he’s still fighting a YouTuber.

“And making more money than the champions are making.”

Floyd Mayweather's insane hourly boxing wage | For The Win

Next month in Miami Mayweather is set to make £72 million from his exhibition contest with Logan which is set to be held.

The former welterweight champion has a perfect boxing record, winning 50 fights throughout his illustrious career. Logan, meanwhile, lost his one and only professional fight so far to fellow YouTuber KSI in 2019.

His brother Jake has been far more successful, however, and is currently 3-0, winning all his bouts via knockout.

Despite the Pauls’ mixed reception from the boxing community, Mike believes they are good for the sport, but understands some of the discontent surrounding the brothers from other fighters.

“These guys make boxing so awesome,” he said.

“The boxers, the real champions, they don’t have that many views.

“They’ll be happy if they have a million views. These guys are 80million views. I was like, ‘God damn, man. How do you do that?’

“That’s why everybody wants to kill them, because they see this little white guy, blonde hair, blue eyes, getting all the fiing money, talking all this sh.
“Everybody wants to kill them. I get envious when I see these guys, I’m like, ‘What the f are they doing?’

“That’s why you want to kick his ass because you get envious of them, it’s easy to hate these guys.”

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