On this day :Mike Tyson Fight with Evander Holyfield is on for May 29

“He’s a man of God,” Tyson said. “But I’m God’s man. And I’m going to be successful.”

Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson announced Tuesday night that his fight with Evander Holyfield is on for May 29. It will be the pair’s third meeting and first since June 1997.

“He’s a man of God,” Tyson said. “But I’m God’s man. And I’m going to be successful.”

On Monday, representatives from Holyfield’s team released a statement that said Tyson rejected a guaranteed $25 million to fight Holyfield in the trilogy finale between the two legendary boxers. The release also said that negotiations had been ongoing for months. Holyfield’s camp had believed a deal was imminent, but Team Tyson’s demands had become “untenable.”

Mike Tyson: Fight with Evander Holyfield is on for May 29 - The Athletic

“…The more you’re out there and doing commercials, this is how you get paid,” Holyfield told The Athletic’s Jeff Schultz on Monday. “It’s wasn’t so much about going out there and trying to kill each other. You get paid on the commercials and the time. So I’m like, this is a business fight with no ego. Just show the people you can spar good. Nobody is going to get a decision.”

Why this fight matters
Lance Pugmire, senior boxing writer: As Tyson’s well-received exhibition with Roy Jones Jr. in November proved, there’s still substantial interest in “Iron Mike,” particularly when it comes to his renewal of the rivalry with Holyfield. As we reported Monday, this happening is being driven by Tyson’s pursuit of the trilogy, and a day after it appeared he was backing out of the deal, the more logical (and financially driven) part of his thinking kicked in.

Previewing the matchup
Pugmire: Holyfield has been training since last year, too, and he long has felt as if he has Tyson’s number, meaning he’s one of the few who has never showed intimidation of Tyson in the ring. Tyson, meanwhile, displayed superb fitness with the ability to maintain activity in his performance against Jones.

The outcome will be determined by who can best summon from the fountain of youth, and given that Tyson has a “fight” under his belt, expect him to attain a small measure of revenge in this trilogy.

What’s next?
Pugmire: Tyson has stumbled upon the audience’s remaining curiosity in veteran athletes, and this third bout against Holyfield should provide more incentive to lure back older fighters who want to see what talent is left.

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