The Undertaker comments on his current physical condition

The Undertaker has offered an update on his current condition, several months into retirement.

In a recent appearance on the Victory Over Injury Podcast, The Undertaker – real name Mark Calaway – was quizzed on how he’s currently feeling in his day-to-day life after such a long career in the wrestling business. The Undertaker responded by saying things can be “pretty rough” in the mornings and that it sometimes takes a while for him to get things moving.

The Undertaker also said he sometimes struggles to figure out why he’s in pain in certain areas of his body, given he’s been sleeping the entire night previously.

Here’s what The Undertaker had to say about his current condition:

“It’s pretty rough most mornings. It takes a while to get things moving. There has to be that initial assessment when the feet hit the floor in the morning, you know, what’s hurting? What do I need to kind of bring along a little slower than everything else? So the first thing I do is assess. It’s such a strange thing after all the years and all the matches and all this, it’s like I have to sit there and figure out how on Earth – because I’ll wake up some mornings with something hurting that I had no idea that I’d strained, pulled, whatever – and I’m trying to figure out, “How did you hurt yourself sleeping?!”… That comes with the game. The human body is definitely not made for the abuse that professional athletes put their bodies through. Especially football, hockey and wrestling. I mean, all sports, but the high-impact sports, the body is not made to do that.”

The Undertaker is, without question, one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, having won multiple world championships, as well as laying claim to his famous WrestleMania streak.

The Undertaker retired at Survivor Series 2020

The Undertaker at Survivor Series 2020 (Credit: WWE)

After a 30 year career with WWE, The Undertaker finally called it a day at Survivor Series 2020. Sadly, his retirement ceremony was kept short and sweet, in-part due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic was also the cause of his final match, against AJ Styles, becoming a cinematic match as opposed to a traditional wrestling match. The Undertaker defeated AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36, capping off an incredible run.

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