Eddie Hearn explains why Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson would trump Mayweather fight

Hearn more excited for Paul vs Tyson than Mayweather fight

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn thinks that the rumored boxing match between Logan Paul and Mike Tyson is a bad idea, but he also thinks it will be better than the YouTuber’s bout with Floyd Mayweather.

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is looking to make his return to the ring in February and reports have swirled that he will be battling The Maverick in what could be on the wildest spectacles to date.

While many are excited for the potential contest, including former UFC champion Michael Bisping who believes Tyson will send the elder Paul brother to the hospital, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn isn’t as onboard.

During an appearance on True Geordie, he was asked for his thoughts on the fight and offered up some surprising criticism, even comparing it to Logan’s exhibition against Floyd Mayweather.

Hearn more excited for Paul vs Tyson than Mayweather fight

When asked what he thought of the fight as a possibility, Hearn didn’t pull any punches and slammed the rumored match while still preferring it over the Paul vs Mayweather bout.

Logan Paul KO rumors Floyd Mayweather

“I prefer that, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I prefer that to Floyd and Logan. That fight was absolutely a load of bull,” he remarked. “I thought ‘what?’ You’ve got a pound for pound great again against a bloke that, I mean, not can’t fight, but it was horrible.”

Interestingly, Logan and Mayweather’s fight was applauded by many, including podcast host Joe Rogan who praised it as an entertaining “freak show.”

“It was horrible to watch,” he added. “Tyson, it shouldn’t happen, but at least I would want to find out what happens in that fight.”

Only time will tell if Logan and Tyson do in fact duke it out and if it ends up being more entertaining than when the YouTuber took on Floyd.

In any case, hopefully, we can find out by February.

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