Manny Pacquiao Will Not Be Supported by Cebu Local Leaders – Garcia

Cebu Gov Says Prᥱsidᥱntiαl Aspirant Manny Pacquiao Will Not be Supported by Local Leaders

Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia said that the Prᥱsidᥱntiαl aspirant Manny Pacquiao will not be supported by the local leaders due to his actions.

Today in Cebu Province, it is unclear whether Senator Manny Pacquiao would win backing from the ruling party. It will be noted that the boxer-turned-politician spent two days in Cebu province meeting with his supporters.

However, Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia claims that they will be unable to support Pacquiao’s Prᥱsidᥱntiαl bid due to their negative perception of the Senator. Garcia claims that he attempted to meet with Pacquiao multiple times but that he did not show up twice.

They claimed they learned of the senator’s meeting with his opponent. Garcia also revealed that Pacquiao has put up a gubernatorial candidate against her, something the ONE Cebu leaders are not happy about.

“How can we support a candidate who is supporting my opponent,” she added.

Garcia was also approached by a number of presidential hopefuls who wanted his support. Former Senator Bongbong Marcos and Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno were among those who received a courtesy call from the governor.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that local leaders have expressed dissatisfaction with Pacquiao’s actions. In the same month, Pacquiao was slapped by the mayors of Benguet, where he had also paid a visit.

The senator accused Eric Yap, an ACT-CIS Representative and Benguet caretaker, of corruption. According to the mayors, Pacquiao will not receive any votes from Benguet, which has the most votes in the entire cordillera.

Pacquiao files bid for presidency as Philippine race heats | Taiwan News |  2021-10-01 12:04:31

“For Sen. Pacquiao to think that he will win over Benguet – which has the largest piece of total votes in the entire Cordillera – by lambasting our caretaker Congressman is misplaced and wrong,” the mayors said.

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